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01387 266 250

History of GGM&W

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Grieve, Grierson Moodie & Walker

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History of GGM&W

The Firm of Grieve Grierson Moodie & Walker was formed in 1997 following the amalgamation of the Firms of Hilary L Grieve and Grierson Moodie & Walker.

Hilary L. Grieve, Solicitors had commenced business at 14 Castle Street, Dumfries in 1993.

Grierson Moodie & Walker had its origins in the acquisition of the business of W & W P Moodie, Solicitors in 1944 by J & R A Grierson, Solicitors and the subsequent arrival of David M. Walker.

In 2015 it was decided to retain the Firm name of Grieve Grierson Moodie & Walker and adopt the ‘GGM&W’ branding.

Telephone 01387 266 250 or email