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Powers of Attorney

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Powers of Attorney

Continuing and Welfare Power of Attorney

This increasingly required document gives one or more people legal authority to make and take decisions on your behalf of a financial nature and, when appropriate, regarding your welfare.

A Power of Attorney allows you to plan in detail what you would like another person to do for you in the future if you were unable to do so yourself.

Its value cannot be over stated if unforeseen circumstances place you in a position where you become incapable of making decisions, especially concerning your own welfare.

Granting a Power of Attorney now is a protective and practical step as it means the Power of Attorney is in place in the event your physical and/or mental health deteriorate in the future.

We recommend a Power of Attorney as a prudent part of any personal future planning exercise along with the preparation of a Will.

If you need more advice in this area or to arrange your own Power of Attorney please contact us.

Telephone 01387 266 250 or email